Every human being has the right to life, and to ensure that he/she survives.

 With the increasing crime our continued existence is being threatened. This increasing threat obliges every individual to take precautionary measures, to secure his own safety as well as that of those whom are dependent on him.

 It is also the responsibility of every company to protect its productions, assets, equipment and personal. Without security safety is not guaranteed.

 So this is why Brent Security Services offers the following training courses, with the purpose of assisting you to minimize crime, improve safety for South African citizens and also increasing job opportunities for young South Africans.

We provide Security Training for:SecurityServices2014

• Learners seeking employment in the security industry
• Security officers/guards wishing to upgrade their existing qualifications
• Individuals interested in opening up a security company,
• Security companies wishing to train their staff.

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… as well as Firearm Training for:

• Security officers needing to carry a firearm for work purposes.
• Learners seeking employment with the use of a firearm.
• Refresher training for security companies and civilians
• Any individual/civilian seeking to obtain a firearm for self-defense
• Individuals/security officers needing to upgrade their firearm qualifications
• Indoor/outdoor shooting ranges
• Refresher training for current firearm owners

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Security Skills Programs

  • National Key Points (N.K.P) on request
  • Perform Basic Fire Fighting
  • Render Basic First Aid
  • Conduct Security at an Event
  • Security Skills Program 1, 2 and 3 available


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